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Art found me....

I'm Kate, wife, mother and art lover. 

My studio is located in the beautiful South Gippsland Region of Victoria, Australia

Thank you for stopping by and for supporting my art journey! 


In 2013, after becoming a mum for the first time I was diagnosed with post natal depression, It was a very dark time for me - after receiving treatment from some wonderful doctors I felt that I needed to find an outlet for my emotions so one day I picked up a paint brush and borrowed some step-by-step painting books from the library and started to do some painting, Over time I found that type of painting wasn't for me, it wasn't 'free' enough. I then began throwing paint around on the canvas, playing around with colour and my love for abstract art started! 

I felt that while I was painting I was able to tune out from the world and tune in to what was going on in my inner world and I was able to express myself through the brush strokes and leave it all on the canvas. It was exactly what I needed and was very healing for me. 

I didn't realise that what I was doing was intuitive painting until I stumbled across a whole heap of artists on Instagram one day, intuitive painting was actually a 'thing!' 

(my most favourite artist in this area is Flora Bowley - in my opinion she is the queen of intuitive painting)


Since then, my art has become an integral part of my life. While I have recovered from post natal depression, I still have struggles with my mental heath and painting is a way for me to reconnect with my intuition and express myself in a way that allows me to work through those harder times.

I cannot truly express the peace that I feel in words, there are none. 


Through my work as an artist and workshop facilitator, I hope to inspire others to embrace their own creativity and learn to use art as a powerful form of self-therapy. I understand the importance of creative expression and the power of art to help people reconnect with their inner selves.


My art workshops are designed to encourage people to not only connect with their artistic side but to also explore their creativity in a way that allows space for healing and nurturing of the mind and spirit.

 I believe that everyone has the innate ability to create and express themselves through art.

My classes are tailored to individual needs and are suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, my goal is to inspire you to create something unique and meaningful and to nourish your soul and mind in the process. 

Photo credit: Nicky Cawood @everyday_nicky

Mirboo North Winterfest 2022 

The Everyday Makers

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