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I'm Kate and I'm an intuitive abstract artist and workshop facilitator from South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia where I live with my husband and 2 kids. 

I love to create bright, bold and vibrant statement abstract artworks and share my love of painting intuitively with others. 

My Story

I first picked up a paintbrush in 2013 when my 1st child was a baby as I was battling with post natal depression and needed something to help me navigate my way through that dark time.
I found that along with other treatments, painting helped me to process some of the heavy emotions that I was feeling and brought some much needed healing into my life. 

9 years later, creativity plays a huge role in my life and I now share that with others - through my Intuitive Art Workshops.

I love nothing more than encouraging others to look to creativity as a way to reconnect with themselves and their intuition and to perhaps find some healing through the creative process. 

I'm a great believer that art heals the heart and the soul. 

Photo credit: Sara Harris @gippsland_artisans

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